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The origins of Avers birth go back to 1994 when there was an opportunity for business in independent Ukraine for the first time. The company was one of the first to carry out the maintenance of cars, to sell vehicles and components.After a while, it gained a powerful production, a material base, competence and solid experience. In 2005, one of the directions of the company's development was the tuning of cars in the prestige segment. In 2008, they opened the largest Ukrainian production of a closed cycle for the re-equipment of premium cars. This allowed us to become a niche leader and a landmark player in the CIS and Western Europe.The implemented solutions of Avers earned an impeccable reputation among businessmen, politicians, public figures of Ukraine and Europe, under the leadership of the company's chief executive, Sviatoslav Korostelov.The strong network of international partnerships has been organized for fruitful years of work. Located in different countries of the world, our partners are leaders in their field.

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