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Law Practice


One-stop-shop compliance agent that will cover all your business's needs dictated by the regulators and international compliance standards no matter of size and industry.

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Motor Vehicle Manufacturing


Drivovo empowers it’s customers to drive new cars through subscription without any obligation to purchase them, giving you the flexibility you desire. 

We are dynamic and customer-centric company dedicated to providing top-notch automotive services.

With a commitment to convenience and excellence, we offer a range of solutions tailored to your needs, making your car-related experiences smoother and more enjoyable.

We make driving easy. Drivovo — drive it easy!

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Car dealership

Avers GmbH

The origins of Avers birth go back to 1994 when there was an opportunity for business in independent Ukraine for the first time. The company was one of the first to carry out the maintenance of cars, to sell vehicles and components. After a while, it gained a powerful production, a material base, competence and solid experience. In 2005, one of the directions of the company's development was the tuning of cars in the prestige segment. In 2008, they opened the largest Ukrainian production of a closed cycle for the re-equipment of premium cars. This allowed us to become a niche leader and a landmark player in the CIS and Western Europe. The implemented solutions of Avers earned an impeccable reputation among businessmen, politicians, public figures of Ukraine and Europe, under the leadership of the company's chief executive, Sviatoslav Korostelov. The strong network of international partnerships has been organized for fruitful years of work. Located in different countries of the world, our partners are leaders in their field.

Private Jets Charter


PVJets is designed to deliver the best jet charter service worldwide, leveraging over a decade of experience in private aviation.

We offer customized air charter services tailored to both corporate executives and leisure travelers, ensuring a unique and personal experience.

PVJets is celebrated for its excellence and reliability, recognized by both EBAA and NBAA (European and National Business Aviation Association).

Our goal is to simplify travel while ensuring sustainability, offering zero-emission flights.

Travel industry

Serenity Miles

A family-owned niche luxury DMC with over 20 years of expertise in curating bespoke and resplendent travel experiences for the most discerning clientele worldwide. Inspecting over 100 luxury hotels worldwide each year and having evaluated 1000+ over the last decade, we guarantee immaculate matchmaking of hotels and high-end services for your clients traveling to the United Kingdom and Caribbean islands. 99.9% of our new partners become repeat clients and account for approximately 80% of all bookings. Understanding travel designers' pains and challenges, we strive for comfort and serenity of our partners. Looking forward to providing exceptional care to you and your clients.

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Events Services


Socialize | Collaborate | Network | Chill

Blockchain Community in Italy. “Belonq Blockchain Events” is a part of Belonq Crypto Community of over 10K followers around EU. We organize events to bring viable ideas to the crypto community.

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Premium Merch and Gifts Supplier


Swag42 is a premium corporate merchandise and gifts company. Our full-cycle manufacturing ensures top-notch quality and customization, offering various products, including t-shirts, hoodies, jackets, and more. 

With over 200 unique items and 95,000+ units designed, we lead the industry in on-trend apparel and accessories. Trusted by industry giants like Wargaming and Playrix, we deliver globally and provide bespoke swag-on-demand platforms for team merchandise. 

Elevate your brand with Swag42, the ultimate B2B Merchandise Platform for tech companies.

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Airlines and Aviation

Kull Jet OU

Kull Jet is an aviation company, which specialises in business jet charter flights, helicopter flights, aircraft sales and management, access to private terminals and other high-level aviation services.

We are available 24/7 to assist you with any global private travel needs. Kull Jet will fully assist you in buying and selling business jets, commercial airliners, turboprops and helicopters.

Our extensive aviation experience allows us to quickly identify numerous nuances relating to specific types of aircraft and choose the most suitable aircraft for our customers.

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