Expand your gamer community worldwide

Create your in-game currency in KUNA Pay. Your gamers will view product prices in your own currency and pay using any cryptocurrency they prefer. You receive the payment converted in EUR or USDT directly into your account.

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What we offer?

Pricing items in local currencies

Offering item prices in various local currencies grants you the flexibility to tailor pricing strategies to each region and allows clients to pay in crypto

Conversion tools

Ensure a predictable and consistent income, have payments auto-converted into EUR or USDT

Easy integration

Gain access to promotional assets, training guides, and a wealth of valuable tips and tricks to ensure your success

Comprehensive security

KUNA Pay employs robust data security, encryption, regulatory licenses, permission management, and two-step authentication for your peace of mind.

Works seamlessly on any device

Responsive UI for Mobile, Tablet, and PC.

Telegram bot

Create the invoices, check your balance and withdraw funds via Telegram bot in seconds

Kuna Pay can do still more

Let KUNA Pay create a blockchain for your in-game currency

KUNA Pay simplifies game economies. We build a tailored-made blockchain for games and integrate effortless cryptocurrency payments with ability of auto-convertion into EUR or USDT on your account.

If you are a games payment provider

Enhance your business offerings by integrating the KUNA Pay API, allowing your clients to accept payments in both cryptocurrency and fiat. All payments are smoothly converted into EUR or USDT and deposited directly into into your accounts.
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Do you have any further questions?

At KUNA Pay, we're dedicated to providing you with the best solutions and support. Whether you're looking for answers to your questions or exploring our wide range of offerings, we're here to assist you every step of the way.
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Lightning network

The Lightning Network is a fast, low-cost, off-chain solution for cryptocurrencies, perfect for quick and inexpensive transactions, such as those in gaming and digital services.

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