Implementing a Revolutionary Payment Solution - KUNA Pay - Is The Key To Reaching New Customers: The Case of PVJets - Worldwide Jet Service

PVJets is a company that provides private transportation services by charter flights all over the world. Years of experience allow them to feel the best in the market, providing the top services for those who want to try all the advantages and privileges of private aviation.
May 27, 2024
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Their diverse range of offerings caters to both corporate clients and individuals looking to indulge in top-tier leisure experiences. Clients can seamlessly book private jets, secure empty jets for passenger pick-ups, or take advantage of aircraft availability in specified regions on desired dates.

Ensuring a personalized and exceptional experience while fulfilling the most excluisive needs is PVJets' major priority.

Besides providing the highest-quality services, PVJets is a conscious company that offers zero-emission flights to simplify travel while ensuring sustainability.

Acclaimed for its quality and dependability, PVJets has received recognition from the European and National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) as well as the EBAA.


The Challenges We Overcame Together 

PVJets turned to KUNA Pay, asking for a solution that would help them reach new customers. The core principle is straightforward: Many people have cryptocurrency and want to pay for services in crypto. 

What's more, these people travel a lot around the world, and therefore, payment for private aviation services in crypto is a MUST for them. Recognizing this emerging demand, PVJets proactively decided to implement cryptocurrency payment options without delay and enlisted the support of KUNA Pay.

The rationale is clear-cut. The merchant's customer base holds cryptocurrency and wishes to utilize it for payments, while KUNA Pay offers a service that facilitates the acceptance of cryptocurrency transactions.

This alignment of needs and offerings paved the way for a collaborative partnership.

The Solutions

Currently, KUNA Pay is providing a crypto banking solution for the company, enabling PVJets to receive payments in cryptocurrency. After integrating KUNA Pay, the merchant gained full access to all the platform’s advantages, which helped PVJets accept and receive payments in crypto. 

So, those people who want to pay in crypto now can do that. Moreover, it is a win-win situation, as PVJets also gained advantages after implementing a crypto banking solution. 

Transparent money flow

The financier and accountant of the company do not need to waste their precious time calculating all reports on their own because all reports about money flow are transparent and can be found in the merchant's personal account on the KUNA Pay website.


It’s another advantage for the merchant, as the customer pays in crypto, and thanks to the auto-conversion feature, the merchant receives money in his account in euros. That is, you don’t need to exchange cryptocurrency for fiat money yourself, as the auto-conversion process handles it seamlessly.

Reaching new audiences 

The merchant's customer base undoubtedly includes cryptocurrency holders, and they were seeking a solution to facilitate payments using their digital assets for services. With the integration of KUNA Pay, this issue has been resolved, enabling the merchant to reach a new customer base, increase revenue streams, and retain the loyalty of their existing audience by providing an innovative payment option.


Utilizing KUNA Pay's services, PVJets has optimized its financial processes, facilitating swift and secure cryptocurrency transactions. KUNA Pay offers a reliable and user-friendly platform for any merchant seeking to integrate cryptocurrency payments, effectively bridging the divide between conventional banking systems and the evolving digital currency landscape.

Discover how incorporating KUNA Pay can elevate your business operations and join the expanding cohort of merchants embracing innovative payment methods. Establish an account on KUNA Pay to gain further insights and commence your journey into crypto banking.

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