How to Implement a Winning Payment Solution for the Crypto Audience While Being Acceptable to Banks and Other Traditional Financial Institutions: The Case of Belonq - Event and Entertainment Company

Belonq Blockchain Events is a key part of the Belonq Crypto Community, which boasts over 5,000 followers across Europe. Our mission is to organize events that bring viable ideas to the crypto community.
May 27, 2024
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About Belonq Blockchain Events


In 2024, our event took place at the Splendido Bay Luxury Spa Resort Hotel, a modern 5-star venue located in Padenghe Sul Garda, overlooking the lake. This luxurious location provided the perfect backdrop for our event.

A significant challenge was securing funds quickly and conveniently to pay our contractors. KUNA Pay excelled as a business wallet for Belonq, ensuring smooth financial operations for ticket sales and sponsors support.

It was also crucial to make a payment widget for buying tickets directly through the website.

Addressing Financial Challenges with KUNA Pay

Event planning can be disrupted by various factors, including banking holidays, which can delay payments to contractors. Additionally, guests may face difficulties with local currency or prefer to avoid currency conversion within Europe. KUNA Pay addresses these issues by offering a comprehensive crypto banking solution, making it easy for businesses to operate within the financial environment and cryptocurrencies in Europe.

"Organizing events for the crypto community without the ability to accept payments in crypto is pointless," said Andrii, founder of Belonq Community. The ability to manage money efficiently is crucial for planning growth and entering new markets.

In the fall of 2024, Andrii decided to systematize the financial operations of his project, consolidating all data in one place. This is where KUNA Pay proved invaluable.


Belonq integrated KUNA Pay, gaining access to the platform's full functionality. For recent events, Belonq enabled ticket purchases through an online widget that accepts crypto payments, including both standard and VIP tickets. Sponsorship packages were also streamlined, allowing contributions in crypto and subsequent payments to contractors in crypto.

Belonq is now featured in the KUNA Pay Merchant Catalog, showcasing companies that accept crypto payments. This inclusion helps attract a broader audience interested in using cryptocurrency for transactions.

KUNA Pay's Pricing Model

KUNA Pay offers a transparent and competitive pricing model, detailed on their Pricing Page. This model ensures that businesses of all sizes can benefit from crypto payment solutions without hidden costs, promoting financial efficiency and scalability.

Seamless API Integration

Integrating KUNA Pay's API is straightforward and developer-friendly, as detailed in their API Documentation. The API allows businesses to easily authenticate and integrate KUNA Pay’s features into their systems, facilitating smooth and secure transactions. This ease of integration ensures that businesses can quickly adapt and start accepting crypto payments with minimal disruption.

Thanks to API integration, the merchant can accept crypto payments directly on his website through a special widget. This is a very convenient method for clients like Belonq. After all, customers immediately buy a dedicated service or product in a convenient crypto currency for them.

Before that, the Belong team used a manual process where it was necessary to send a wallet address. Now, with KUNA Pay, the Belonq team optimizes time and financial operational activities in the company.


By leveraging KUNA Pay, Belonq has streamlined its financial operations, enabling quick and secure transactions in cryptocurrency. This partnership not only supports the crypto community but also ensures that Belonq can meet the financial needs of its events efficiently. For any business looking to integrate crypto payments, KUNA Pay provides a reliable and easy-to-use solution that bridges the gap between traditional banking and the evolving crypto landscape.

Explore how KUNA Pay can enhance your business operations and join the growing list of merchants who are embracing the future of payments. Create an account on KUNA Pay to learn more and start your crypto banking today.

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