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Take advantage of KUNA Pay to seamlessly integrate TRON payments into your system.

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How TRON Payment Works?

Learn how to easily interact with your TRON payments.

1. Contact us.

Reach out to our account manager via email or Telegram.

2. Decide on the fee.

Determine the optimal commission balance for your business.

3. Create an account.

Consult a member of the team about setting up your KUNA Pay account as a gateway for TRON payment.

4. Obtain API.

Finally, you'll be provided an API to use on your website.

What Benefits You Get if You Accept TRON via KUNA_Pay?

Protected Transactions 

Our high encryption and security procedures protect the secrecy of the TRX payment channel. To detect and mitigate any security concerns, our platform includes features like real-time monitoring, anti-fraud technologies, and two-factor authentication.

Transaction Processing

The KUNA Pay platform performs your exchanges swiftly and securely. No more manual processing - embrace smooth interactions and accept TRON with KUNA Pay.

24/7 support available

Our committed team is going to provide you with excellent service. We have specialists available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to assist you with any issues or concerns.

What are TRX Payments?

TRX is the native currency for the Tron blockchain network. And TRX payments are transactions that use TRX as a payment method. The key features such payments entail are:

TRX transactions are fast and inexpensive. Transactions fees are just as minimal, making it extremely cost-efficient.

TRX is based on the Tron blockchain, which is a decentralized, and has no single controller. This promotes openness and decreases censorship.

The Tron blockchain supports smart contracts, which are self-executing scripts that allow for sophisticated functionality. Therefore, TRX payments can use smart contract technology.

TRX is becoming more widely recognized as a payment mechanism among retailers and enterprises throughout the world. Tron is practical for everyday transactions due to its large network capacity and inexpensive costs.

Customers are increasingly interested in adopting cryptocurrencies for payments because they value quickness, minimal costs, and novelty. Accepting TRX follows this trend.

Overall, incorporating TRX payments provides benefits such as reaching new markets, fewer expenses, and faster processing times, which can help a variety of businesses.

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How to Accept TRON Payments?

Accepting TRX can generate new sales opportunities and attract digital currency enthusiasts. Here's a step-by-step instruction on how to accept TRON payments:

  1. First, you must register an account on the KUNA Pay website. You'll need your email and a strong password for this.
  2. As a merchant, you will be told to create a company section by providing a name and selecting the primary currency (which will be used for transactions and asset transfers).
  3. You will then be prompted to provide more information about your organization, such as corporate data, shareholder and representative information, and so on. These will be used as a confirmation process. After completing the verification stage successfully, you may begin processing your payments.
  4. Once your account has been created and verified you may generate an API key to connect it with your website. You will be able to accept TRON payments using it. You only need to provide your clients the payment link after determining the product's currency and quantity.
  5. You may now adapt the processor to your specific needs by selecting a currency to automatically convert your payments. It can be either USDT or EUR.

Follow these simple steps to immediately access the benefits that await you!


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