Learn How to Accept Tether with KUNA Pay

With KUNA Pay, you can accept Tether - the future of digital dollar payments. Our simple integration will help you expand your customer reach.

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How it Works?

With our USDT payment gateway, you can get started effortlessly.

1. Get in touch with us

Use Telegram or email to reach out to our account manager.

2. Decide on the commission

Calculate the ideal commission balance for your firm.

3. Signup for an account

To configure your KUNA Pay account as a Tether payment gateway, talk to a member of the team.

4. Obtain API

Finally, you will be given an API for use on your website.

5. Create a Company

Set a new company on your account. After that, you should pass the verification process based on the chosen type of account.

6. Enable Auto-convert

You can also set the Euro as a basic currency. It means all the transactions will convert into it.

USDT Payment Benefits from KUNA_Pay

Transactions that are secure

We have put strong encryption and security measures in place to guarantee the integrity of USDT payment processing. Our platform detects and prevents possible security risks using real-time monitoring, anti-fraud technologies, and two-factor authentication, to name a few.

Transfer Processing

Employ our quick and secure platform to transform the way you operate transactions. Allow for smooth interactions instead of time-consuming processing.

Constant Assistance 

Our committed team will provide you with superior customer service. We have specialists on call 24/7 ready to help you with any challenges or difficulties you may be facing.

What Is USDT Payment?

USDT, also referred to as Tether, is a cryptocurrency whose value is tied to the US dollar. One USDT token is equivalent to $1 USD. As a result, it has an advantage over volatile cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin due to its constant stability.

USDT operates on blockchain networks like as Ethereum, enabling quick worldwide USDT payment transactions between wallets, exchanges, and other entities. Tether Limited creates new USDT currencies depending on the company's equivalent holdings of US dollars.

Cryptocurrency traders frequently use USDT as a steady digital dollar counterpart to protect themselves from market volatility. It further simplifies payments and transfers for people and organizations by providing a speedier, less expensive alternative to bank transfers and credit card payments while avoiding international transaction costs.

Overall, USDT seeks to combine the speed and convenience of digital currencies with the stability of physical currencies such as the US dollar. While there are concerns about the transparency of USDT's dollar reserves and possible manipulation, Tether payment gateway still offers dependable value transfer capabilities on a worldwide scale.

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Tether Payment Gateway - Pros And Cons

Accepting Tether payments through a gateway has several advantages, but it also has some disadvantages to consider.

Here are the benefits USDT payments come with:

  1. Price stability. Tether's value is fixed to USD, removing the risk of swings for businesses. Customers benefit from regular rates as well.
  2. Speed. Tether transactions often settle faster than bank wire transfers or credit card payments.
  3. Low fees. Transaction costs on the Tether network are minimal, making it more affordable than credit card payments.
  4. Market value. Tether has strong liquidity and acceptance since it is a top 10 cryptocurrency in terms of market value.

The disadvantages of using a USDT payment method are as follows:

  1. Limited client protection. Tether customers do not have the same consumer protections as credit card users, and transactions are permanent.
  2. Popularity issue. Tether is not as frequently recognized or used for payments as cards, despite its rising popularity.
  3. Compromised reputation. Ongoing investigations and controversies around Tether have raised some concerns.
  4. Tax concerns. The approach to Tether by tax authorities is still uncertain.

Overall, Tether payment gateway provides quicker and cheaper value transfers, but it also is riskier. Weighing the benefits and drawbacks enables businesses to make an informed decision about accepting Tether payments.


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