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How Does XRP/Ripple Payment Processor Work?

Discover the simplicity of using an XRP/Ripple payment processor.

1. Contact us

Please reach out to our account manager via Telegram or email.

2. Set up the commission

Determine the optimal commission balance for your business.

3. Register for an account

Consult our staff member about setting up your KUNA Pay account.

4. Acquire the API

Finally, you will receive an API to use on your website for those who uses XRP.

5. Create a Company

Set a new company on your account. After that, you should pass the verification process based on the chosen type of account.

6. Enable Auto-convert

You can also set the Euro as a basic currency. It means all the transactions will convert into it.

How You Can Benefit From Starting to Accept Ripple with KUNA_Pay

Secure Transactions

The confidentiality of the payment gateway is ensured through reliable encryption and security protocols. To identify and avoid potential security threats, our platform includes elements like real-time monitoring, anti-fraud technology, and two-factor authentication.

Processing Transactions

The KUNA Pay platform guarantees that your transactions are processed quickly and securely, removing the need for manual involvement. Accept Ripple smoothly with our effective system.

Support Around the Clock

Our devoted team is available around the clock to provide helpful assistance. Whether you are experiencing issues or obstacles, our specialists are here to help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

8 Reasons You Should Learn How to Accept XRP Payments

Accepting cryptocurrency payments such as XRP might provide your company with new prospects and new potential customers. Here are eight solid reasons why you should learn how to accept XRP payments:

Get into a fast-growing market The cryptocurrency market is rapidly expanding. As crypto use grows, enabling XRP payments allows you to cater to a whole new consumer base.

Low Transaction fees Transaction fees for XRP are often lower than bank fees, and they are significantly less than credit card payment processing costs.

Fast settlement  XRP payments process faster than bank transfers. When compared to traditional bank transfers, you get paid faster.

Reach a worldwide clientele XRP makes cross-border payments possible. This enables you to easily sell items and services all over the world.

No chargebacks XRP transactions are irrevocable. This reduces the possibility of retailers experiencing costly chargebacks when accepting credit cards.

Higher privacy To process XRP payments, personal information about the customer is not needed. This means that privacy is not breached.

More Control You decide when and how much XRP to convert to local cash. There are no mediators, such as banks.

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What Is an XRP Payment?

XRP is a cryptocurrency that was developed by Ripple Labs. It is intended to be used for quick and low-cost cross-border XRP payments and transactions.

Unlike Bitcoin, XRP was pre-mined. This means that the whole quantity of 100 billion XRP was produced all at once, rather than being released over time through mining. XRP is based on the XRP Ledger, an open-source decentralized blockchain. It employs an agreement-based approach called XRP Ledger Consensus Protocol (XLCP) to validate transactions.

XRP transactions are processed in 3–5 seconds, which is far faster than Bitcoin, which takes 10 minutes for each transaction. Such speed makes it appealing to financial organizations for worldwide payments.

Ripple Labs controls the supply of XRP. They release XRP from escrow regularly to fund operations and market development. In comparison, the supply of Bitcoin is uncontrolled. Most major cryptocurrency exchanges trade XRP. The price varies according to the market supply and demand. The price of one XRP is now about $0.58 as of January 2024.

Ripple intends to make XRP payment replace slower international payment networks such as SWIFT. The purpose of XRP is to function as a "bridge currency". For example, changing USD to XRP and then XRP to Euros is faster and less expensive than converting USD directly to Euros.


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