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1. Get in touch

Reach out to our account manager by Telegram or email.

2. Set commission

Determine what your company's optimal commission balance is.

3. Create an account

Speak with a team member about setting up your KUNA Pay account as an Ethereum payment gateway.

4. Receive API

And finally, receive an API to use on your website.

5. Create a Company

Set a new company on your account. After that, you should pass the verification process based on the chosen type of account.

6. Enable Auto-convert

You can also set the Euro as a basic currency. It means all the transactions will convert into it.

Ethereum Payment - The Benefits From KUNA_Pay

Secure Transactions

We've set strong encryption and security procedures to protect the integrity of Ethereum payment processing. Our platform employs several features, such as real-time monitoring, anti-fraud technologies, and two-factor authentication, to identify and avert possible security risks.

Exchange Processing

Use our quick and secure platform to transform the way you process exchanges. Embrace seamless interactions and forget about manual processing.

Support 24/7

Our committed team will provide you with exceptional support. We have specialists on hand 24/7 to assist you with any concerns or issues you may encounter.

5 Reasons To Know To Accept Ethereum Payments

Mastering the ability to accept Ethereum payments is becoming more crucial due to the constant development in the field of digital transactions. Consequently, there are several key reasons for you to embrace Ethereum transactions:

Decentralized Trust Ethereum's decentralized network enables you to process your transactions securely without any third parties.

Cost-Efficiency Transaction fees for Ethereum are often cheaper than those for traditional methods, lowering overall transaction expenses for enterprises.

Speedy transactions Because of Ethereum's decentralized network, transactions may be settled more quickly, which simplifies processes and improves user satisfaction.

High security Ethereum's digital contracts ensure dependable, self-executing agreements by automating and securing transactions, thus also lowering the likelihood of fraud.

Adaptable to change Businesses that pay with Ethereum have the capacity to lead innovation and remain relevant and competitive in the rapidly changing digital economy.

So, understanding how to accept Ethereum payments is about embracing the future of finance, not just a new payment process.

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Ethereum Payment Processor
Credit Card

There are certain benefits to using Ethereum payment processor instead of opting for credit card payments

Crypto payments typically feature cheaper costs, with charges of less than 3% of the transaction value. Credit card payments, on the other hand, involve higher fees, often ranging from 3-5% of the transaction value plus extra fixed fees for every transaction. As for the time constraints - crypto transactions process in about 10 minutes, while credit card payments typically require up to 5 business days.

Cryptocurrency payments also provide greater anonymity and security. Blockchain technology is used in crypto payments to keep payment information secret and safe. Meanwhile, with credit cards, businesses that do not care how to pay with Ethereum get access to more of the customer's personal financial information and thus violate customers' privacy.

Cryptocurrencies are gaining popularity quickly, but credit cards continue to have an advantage in terms of consumer reach and acceptance. So, although credit cards are still taken at most stores, accepting crypto payments gives merchants a big new group of potential customers.


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