Explore Ways to Accept Bitcoin Cash Payments Safely with KUNA Pay

Maximize the advantages by starting to accept Bitcoin Cash payments through incorporating KUNA Pay into your system.

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How Do You Accept Bitcoin Cash?

Learn how you can easily accept Bitcoin Cash payments via KUNA Pay.

1. Get in contact with us.

Contact our account manager by Telegram or email.

2. Decide on the commission.

Select the commission setup that works best for your company.

3. Create a profile.

To configure your KUNA Pay to accept Bitcoin Cash, consult with our team.

4. Get the API.

Obtain the API to integrate into your website, facilitating smooth transactions.

5. Create a Company

Set a new company on your account. After that, you should pass the verification process based on the chosen type of account.

6. Enable Auto-convert

You can also set the Euro as a basic currency. It means all the transactions will convert into it.

Key Benefits You Will Get From BCH Payment With KUNA_Pay

Safe Transactions

The payment channel's secrecy is guaranteed by our advanced encryption and safety protocols. Our platform has features like two-factor authentication, anti-fraud technology, and continuous real-time monitoring to identify and reduce any security issues.

Processing Transactions

Enjoy quick and safe transactions thanks to the KUNA Pay platform's smooth functioning. Accept BCH payment with easy interactions instead of lengthy processing.

Support Team

We have a dedicated staff ready to provide excellent support. Experts are on hand around-the-clock to handle any problems or queries you might have.

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How to Accept Bitcoin Cash Payments - a Guide

Your company can reach new markets and clients by accepting Bitcoin Cash payments. Opportunities for increased sales and stable corporate operations result from this. To figure out how to accept Bitcoin Cash payments, simply follow these steps:

  1. Use your email address and a strong password to create a KUNA Pay account.
  2. Select the main currency for account transactions as a business owner. Give essential information, such as the name of your company.
  3. Send in more details about your company so it can be verified. You can start processing Bitcoin Cash payments after approval.
  4. Create an API key after your account has been verified in order to incorporate payments into your website. Customers can get smooth Bitcoin Cash payments by using the payment URL.
  5. Customize the payment processor by choosing a currency for automatic conversion, such as EUR or USDT.


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