Why You Should Accept Bitcoin Payments With KUNA Pay for Success

Utilize KUNA Pay to effortlessly incorporate Bitcoin payments into your system and enjoy its benefits.

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How Do You Accept Bitcoin on Website?

Find out how simple it is to integrate KUNA Pay so you can accept Bitcoin payments with ease.

1. Reach out.

Connect with our account manager via email or Telegram to initiate the process.

2. Determine the fee.

Choose the commission structure that best fits your business requirements.

3. Create an account.

Engage with a team member to guide you through the setup of your KUNA Pay account, enabling you to seamlessly accept Bitcoin on website.

4. Obtain the API.

Receive the API necessary for integration into your website, ensuring a smooth transaction experience for your users.

5. Create a Company

Set a new company on your account. After that, you should pass the verification process based on the chosen type of account.

6. Enable Auto-convert

You can also set the Euro as a basic currency. It means all the transactions will convert into it.

What Are the Benefits From KUNA_Pay?

Secure Transactions

Our innovative security measures and encryption ensure the confidentiality of the payment channel. The platform effectively identifies and addresses potential safety risks through advanced technologies like two-factor authentication, anti-fraud measures, and continuous real-time monitoring.

Efficient Transaction Processing

With the KUNA Pay platform operating seamlessly, you can expect quick and safe transactions. Accept Bitcoin payments effortlessly and enjoy streamlined interactions that eliminate the prolonged processing times.

Dedicated Support Team

Put your faith in our committed team to provide outstanding support. Our experts are available around the clock to address any questions or concerns you may encounter.

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What is BTC Payment Method?

BTC is an acronym for Bitcoin, a well-known digital currency. Using Bitcoin as a form of payment instead of fiat money is known as "BTC payment." It entails transferring Bitcoin from one digital wallet to the recipient's Bitcoin address. These transactions are made possible and recorded via the Bitcoin blockchain.

To accept Bitcoin payments, both parties must have Bitcoin wallets. BTC payments provide cheap fees and allow for anonymous transactions that may be publicly confirmed but do not reveal personal information. To receive Bitcoin payments and immediately convert them to local currency, businesses require a Bitcoin merchant processor or gateway.

Overall, since these payments settle quickly and are not reliant on banking systems, BTC payment method use is growing.


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