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Localized pricing tailored to your market

Empower your business by showcasing item prices in various local currencies, enabling you to craft customized pricing strategies for each region. This approach not only caters to your customers' preferences but also offers them the convenience of paying if you accept Bitcoin payments, which they are familiar with

Streamlined currency conversion

Eliminate the guesswork and ensure a predictable revenue stream by leveraging automatic conversion tools. With the option to seamlessly convert received payments into stable currencies like EUR or USDT, you can maintain a consistent income flow while embracing the world of cryptocurrencies.

Effortless integration and comprehensive support

Adopt a seamless onboarding process with access to a wealth of promotional assets, comprehensive training guides, and invaluable tips and tricks. Our dedicated support team is committed to ensuring your success, guiding you every step of the way to maximize the benefits of accepting crypto payments.

Robust security and compliance measures

Experience peace of mind with KUNA Pay's unwavering commitment to data security, encryption, and regulatory compliance. Fortified with robust permission management and two-step authentication, your transactions and sensitive information remain safeguarded at all times.

Universal accessibility across devices

Leverage the power of a responsive user interface that seamlessly adapts to mobile, tablet, and desktop environments. Ensure a consistent and user-friendly experience, regardless of the preferred device.

Streamlined telegram bot integration

Embrace the convenience of managing your crypto payments and transactions on the go with our intuitive Telegram bot. Create invoices, monitor your balance, and initiate withdrawals with just a few taps, empowering you to stay in control of your finances from anywhere, anytime.

KUNA Pay opens new opportunities

Embrace the future of payments

In the rapidly evolving digital landscape, accepting cryptocurrencies is no longer just a trend, but a strategic move for businesses seeking to stay ahead of the curve. By integrating crypto payments into your operations, you open your doors to a global customer base, reduce transaction fees, and future-proof your business for the impending financial revolution.

Unlock new revenue streams

Cryptocurrencies present a lucrative opportunity for businesses to tap into new revenue streams and expand their customer reach. This comprehensive guide will walk you through the process of seamlessly integrating crypto payments, addressing security concerns, navigating regulatory landscapes, and leveraging the benefits of decentralized finance to propel your business toward unprecedented growth.
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