KUNA is a crypto banking platform that provides B2B businesses with digital banking solutions based on web3 and blockchain technology. At KUNA, we genuinely believe in freedom of finance with no borders

Competency-rich team

We provide customers with future-ready banking solutions on a global scale. Our overriding vision is to facilitate freedom of capital without borders.

Crypto acquiring platform allowing businesses to accept crypto payments

As a B2B provider, we allow clients to easily integrate cryptocurrency into their payment options, increasing the business’s appeal to crypto users. Receive payments using multiple cryptos, plus benefit from invoice and turnover management, auto-conversion, and many other features, all combined in a single convenient interface.

Seamless integration with multiple crypto payment services

Our payment processing solution opens access to faster and cheaper transaction, greater security and privacy, and the ability to make payments anywhere in the world. It also removes the need for any central authority or intermediary.

Advanced encryption and security measures

We’ve implemented advanced encryption and security measures to protect customers and ensure the integrity of crypto payment processing. We use anti-fraud tools and two-factor authentication, along with real-time monitoring, to detect and prevent potential security threat.

Break down payment barriers with multi-currency support

The KUNA Pay platform supports 24+ cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and many others.

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