We help reimagine the way business accepts payments

The whole point of our work at KUNA Pay is to enable more businesses to accept crypto payments, just the way they should. We believe that this process can be made ultimately transparent, simple, and fast. This is why we’ve created our own solution that meets each of these fundamentals.

Bridging the gap

Over 1 billion crypto users worldwide are ready and willing to pay in crypto. And we serve as a bridge between a merchant and a customer. Crypto payments grant benefits for both sides of the bargain. We help make sure that everybody profits at their utmost, with customers paying in crypto and merchants getting paid in fiat.

Award-winning company

Recognized for feasible results, our company has received a number of prestigious design awards

Simplify, revolutionize, integrate

Our in-depth take on the crypto market and solutions allowed us to create a secure, quick, and responsive crypto banking platform.


We make it easy for businesses to integrate crypto payments, implementing the platform for unique client needs and opening up new customer bases and revenue streams.


We simplify and lead the transition to crypto processing, allowing you to focus on what you do best — running a business. On top of that, as your on-demand B2B engine, KUNA Pay will help you further incorporate cryptos into the payment choices you offer.

10 years of success in the market

Originating from Ukraine as a pioneering one-man, over-the-counter project in 2014, KUNA has evolved over the last decade into the most mature and continuously operating crypto business in Eastern Europe.

Since 2023, KUNA has represented a group of products operating under a unified ecosystem, including KUNA Pay, a crypto banking solution for businesses.

Painless crypto banking for businesses

On top of enabling multi-cryptocurrency payment processing, KUNA Pay also provides helpful features like auto-conversion, invoice management, and more, all in one easy-to-use system.

The extensive set of features makes KUNA Pay extremely convenient for both new and existing users. We DO care about the pains you solve and the visible results you achieve, which is why we don’t stop improving the platform.

Robust security - your peace of mind prioritized


KUNA Pay utilizes advanced encryption mechanisms to safeguard the integrity of user data and crypto transactions.

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

This additional layer of security checking helps fend off unauthorized log-ins or transactions by requiring an extra verification step in addition to a password.

Anti-fraud tools

Boasting a seamless integration with Chainalysis, we help minimize the history of suspicious transactions, making sure the platform remains clean and trustworthy.

Real-time monitoring

The set of regular security measures allows us to monitor the system for suspicious activity, reinforcing the protection of our users in real time.

Secure identity verification

KUNA Pay uses a trusted service, SumSub, for secure user verification during onboarding. SumSub employs strong encryption measures of its own.

Trusted partnership

Trust is an important thing when it comes to working with fiat and crypto assets

Smooth integration — getting started in minutes

You no longer need to invest months into getting a new payment solution for your business. We have taken care of all the under-the-hood processes and created the integration flow, allowing you to get started with KUNA Pay at once using an API key.

Once integrated, you won’t need to put much manual effort — just delegate payments to the system, and invoices will be generated automatically for your customers. You will be paid in fiat after the payment is processed. Find the comprehensive guide in our documentation here.

KUNA Pay offers painless integration and fast adoption of all the benefits of faster and more cost-effective transactions achieved through protected, smooth crypto payments available globally.

We are open to new people, ideas, and innovations

KUNA is a place of power where innovative minds are gathered to shape visionary ideas into reality.

Empowering innovation and collaboration for a sustainable future

We believe in pushing individuals to make their own decisions, implement unique concepts, and achieve results worth celebrating. Fueled by passion and commitment to sustainability, we keep striving to develop truly groundbreaking solutions. I

f you possess the drive and potential to contribute to our team, or if you have suggestions to enhance our offerings further, we welcome you to reach out and connect with us!

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We do admire everyone on our team

KUNA is all about the ‘dream team’ approach. We employ some of the most knowledgeable, smart, creative, and open-minded people who drive the processes, run new initiatives, and make sure our clients get the best experience possible. Together, we create solutions designed to improve crypto banking inside-out.

Our team

Meet our board of directors and management

Board Of Directors

Michael Chobanian

Сhairman of the Board, CEO

Maksym Liashko

Board Member

Taras Gorbul

Board Member


Sam Kaploushenko

Chief Business Development

Mykhailo Rakov

Chief Digital Transformation Officer, CTO

Simon Simonov

Chief Operations Officer

Our address

Our office is located here: Warsaw UNIT - rondo Daszyńskiego 1, 00-843 Warszawa, Poland.
Please send all official documentation and correspondence to this address.