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Explore practical applications of KUNA Pay
E-commerce awesomeness
Accept crypto payments at your e-commerce store and attract tech-savvy customers looking to use crypto to make purchases online.
 Flexible fashion
Level up your fashion brand by accepting various cryptocurrencies and tap into the ever-growing community of crypto-savvy fashionistas.
Digital product domination
Sell digital products including software, e-books, online courses, and digital art by accepting crypto and cater to the ever-growing demand for digital goods.
Travel-friendly payments
Stand out in the travel and hospitality industry by accepting crypto payments for flights, hotels, and other travel services, and cater to adventurous customers who want to use their crypto for their travel needs.
Luxury made easy
Tap into the luxury market by accepting crypto payments for high-end items like precious metals, jewelry, watches, and other luxury goods, and attract customers who prefer using their crypto for luxury purchases.
Fund food with crypto
Spice up your restaurant or café by accepting crypto payments and offer a unique way for crypto-hungry foodies to pay for their meals.
Sell services with crypto
Start accepting crypto for online services like web hosting, VPNs, digital marketing services, and more, and cater to customers who prefer using crypto for subscriptions.
Socially responsible selling
Accept crypto donations for charities and offer an easy way for modern crypto users to contribute towards a better world.
Boost sales with crypto gift cards
Offer crypto gift cards and vouchers in your store and give customers a new and exciting way to make purchases while also attracting crypto enthusiasts.

Income tracking

Real time reporting of all transactions
Smart analytics for various payment types
Simple exports for your accounting
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Crypto acquiring

API gateway
Use Reach API to accept crypto and manage income in merchant portal.
Invoice management
Create invoices simply in the merchant dashboard and ensure your offline business still gets crypto payments.
No need to track crypto volatility, as the instant currency exchange handle everything for you.
Multiple cryptos
Your buyers can use up to 20 cryptocurrencies to pay for a product or service.
Role-based multi-account access
Invite an unlimited number of team members and set each person’s permission levels to manage access.
Turnover management
Receive payments quickly and send money to your crypto wallets and bank accounts.
All transactions are verified and checked using Chainalysis to ensure no suspicious transactions are ever sent to your wallet.
Settlement & reporting
Settlement and statement reports are readily available and easy to share with your bank.
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The KUNA Pay platform works with a vast range of cryptocurrencies
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Plugin integration

KUNA Pay can be plugged into online stores directly and integrated with popular e-commerce platforms including Shopify, WordPress, Wix, and Open Cart.
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KUNA Pay platform works with a vast range of crypto currencies
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Create invoices

Index the currency and amount of the product, and then provide the payment link to your client.

Set-up auto conversion

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