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We integrated this service into our operations and were thoroughly impressed. It provided a seamless experience, enhancing our ability to transact globally with ease. Highly recommended for businesses seeking efficiency in their payment processes.

©Account manager of digital service business

I bill my clients with crypto on a daily basis using KUNA Pay. I have been working as a freelancer for the last 5 years and now expanding my payment options to include crypto payments. Great job!

©Customer story from freelance platform

Smoothly onboarding and great customer support.
The operational principles are clear and easy to grasp.

©Partner and COO of a marketing agency

I've been in this industry for quite a while, searching for an application that's straightforward and uncomplicated. Honestly, other apps are a maze, but with KUNA Pay, everything flows smoothly, making it fast, simple, and incredibly convenient!

©Owner of a car rental company

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Create crypto bank accounts

Instantly create and manage as many crypto bank accounts as required, enabling flexible and unlimited financial operations for your business

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Generate an invoices

Generate secure, shareable payment links to receive crypto payments instantly from anyone, anywhere

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Track income and withdrawals

Seamlessly monitor your crypto transactions and maintain a separate EUR balance with our advanced reporting feature

Realtime reporting

Create mass payouts

Effortlessly send crypto payments to multiple recipients worldwide with our streamlined mass payout feature

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Explore practical applications of KUNA Pay

E-commerce awesomeness

Accept crypto payments at your e-commerce store and attract tech-savvy customers looking to use crypto to make purchases online.

Flexible fashion

Level up your fashion brand by accepting various cryptocurrencies and tap into the ever-growing community of crypto-savvy fashionistas.

Digital product domination

Sell digital products including software, e-books, online courses, and digital art by accepting crypto and cater to the ever-growing demand for digital goods.

Travel-friendly payments

Stand out in the travel and hospitality industry by accepting crypto payments for flights, hotels, and other travel services, and cater to adventurous customers who want to use their crypto for their travel needs.

Luxury made easy

Tap into the luxury market by accepting crypto payments for high-end items like precious metals, jewelry, watches, and other luxury goods, and attract customers who prefer using their crypto for luxury purchases.

Fund food with crypto

Spice up your restaurant or café by accepting crypto payments and offer a unique way for crypto-hungry foodies to pay for their meals.

Sell services with crypto

Start accepting crypto for online services like web hosting, VPNs, digital marketing services, and more, and cater to customers who prefer using crypto for subscriptions.

Socially responsible selling

Accept crypto donations for charities and offer an easy way for modern crypto users to contribute towards a better world.

E-commerce awesomeness

Accept crypto payments at your e-commerce store and attract tech-savvy customers looking to use crypto to make purchases online.

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    Over 10k+ merchants across the globe already accept crypto. How come you don’t?

    We are thrilled to join forces with KUNA Pay to enhance the payment experience for our customers. This collaboration underscores our commitment to providing innovative solutions that meet evolving needs.

    By seamlessly integrating crypto payment options into invoys links, we empower businesses with greater flexibility and convenience in managing their financial processes.

    As a private jet charter company, PVJets has found KUNA Pay to be an exceptional cryptocurrency payment platform. It offers our clients flexibility and ease with secure and efficient transactions.

    KUNA Pay's support of multiple cryptocurrencies and its user-friendly interface ensure a smooth payment experience, enhancing our service delivery.

    Highly recommended for businesses integrating crypto payments.

    The Superheroes.Marketing team continues cooperation with KUNA Pay. Everything is cool: usability, communication. For our team it is a clear benefit :) We have a positive impression of using this service for our marketing agency.

    Our benefits and features

    Effortless invoicing

    Create, send, and manage your invoices with ease. Invoicing feature allows you to provide the crypto payment method for your clients, customize professional-looking invoices, and receive updates.


    No need to keep track of crypto volatility — our instant currency exchange system automatically converts your funds into Euro or Tether at the best available rates.

    Instant Euro withdrawal

    Access your funds swiftly and securely. No waiting, no hassle—just your money in your account, instantly. Perfect for when you need your funds without delay.

    Customize your space

    Reflect your brand's unique identity with our easy-to-use customization features. Effortlessly upload your company logo and update your contact information to ensure your customers know how to reach you.

    Mass payouts

    Whether you're paying freelancers, distributing refunds, or handling payroll, KUNA Pay ensures secure, swift, and seamless crypto transactions across borders.

    API and documentation

    Save your time by configuring the  API to automatically process cryptocurrency payments and make payouts.

    AML & KYB

    All transactions undergo verification through Chainalysis to ensure that no suspicious activities reach your wallet reduced processing fees and real-time tracking.

    Roles and permissions

    Invite an unlimited number of team members and set each person’s permission levels to manage access.

    Comprehensive reports

    Our settlement and statement reports are easily accessible for downloading and sharing with your bank.

    How many currencies do you accept?

    A lot. Break payment barriers with multi-currency support

    How it works?

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    Create Invoices

    Index the currency and amount for the product and provide the payment link to your client.

    Auto conversion is set up automatically

    Invoice in crypto and get paid in Euro.

    Scan QR code to provide payment in selected cryptocurrency

    Get full access to all the features inside your merchant account.

    Complete your payment

    Start your journey with KUNA Pay by registering your account.

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